My anger and rage like the words spilled upon this page
Manifest an array of emotions uncontrolled.
Bound to explode in a drunken suicidal fit
With eyes blood shot,
I’m Angry…
Upset and depressed,
Stressed and losing weight fast like a fiend only concerned with my next fix.
Because my physical emotional state of mind has ceased to exist
And this rage inside is filled with sin.
I’ve tried to drown him with gin and tonic,
high on a cloud way pass my limit at the bar for another
Round for round
losing myself in myself
Cause Anger is taking over and I can’t break free
So I’ve been admitted
For a suicidal evaluation,
depression and insanity
Because this rage become a part of me…
I’m so Angry…
I’m just having a really bad day!

Copyright © La-Mar D Lynch 2011 All Rights Reserved. No part of this document may be reproduced without written consent from the author.