I’ve lost my best friend!

The one person I’ve been able to turn to when things go wrong.

The only one who knows me in and out, beginning to end.

I’ve lost my best friend…

I don’t know where she’s gone,

But know she’s here no more to help me through the hard times or ease the pain and stress that lies ahead.

I’ve lost my best friend…

I’ve searched all around ,

Up. Down. Beneath and through, every crease and crevice.

And still she can’t be found.

My best friend, my only connection to reality.

The only friend I know who has stood by me, thick and thin when no one else had the time…

Damn, can someone help me?

I’ve seem to have lost something,

My Best Friend!

She’s gone and I don’t know if she’s ever coming back again

I lost my best friend and now my days are gloomy and dull

The rain has not stopped pouring down upon me since she’s been gone…

I’ve lost my best friend…

I’ve lost my LOVE!