My minds full of thought
Some crazy,
Cold, dark emotions streaming through my head.
Uncontrolled brain patterns
Visions of death…
Its 2 in the morning and instead of heavy eyes
I have a heavy mind
With all right to run laps round the dark in my birthday suit…
No one to talk to but the voices I hear.
No one to turn to but the voices I hear.
The non-stop chatter of death bickering within
I just want to sleep
Forget today ever happened.
I just want to close my eyes and remember when my days were better
When nothing could hurt me cause love was near…
Instead in darkness I lie listening to the erie sounds of the night creeping through
The howling of the wind and the slow drip of water echoing from the bathroom…
2:22 and I’m far from exhausted
Haunted by my own thoughts
Tormented by the voice they project rattling in my head…
I can’t sleep
And those six pills aren’t helping
No ones answering my call
Alone I sit here with thoughts bottled in
Nowhere to go, escape or end
Stuff pillow over my head to slow my breathing but nothing works…
Its just me and these voices,
These thoughts, running through my head.

by MarcusJ
Copyright © La-Mar D Lynch 2011 All Rights Reserved. No part of this document may be reproduced without written consent from the author.