My shoes are not big enough or small enough to fit you

They’re & torn, and well used.

The kind of shoes not meant for you to wear.

For the trouble that fill these shoes, you may not be able to bear.

My shoes are neither suede, leather, plastic or pleather,

They have no fancy designs like gems, jewels or feathers.

I’ve worn these shoes through

Rain, sleet, hail and snow.

To parts of the world most men will dare not go.

I’ve been to war in these shoes.

To weddings, birthdays,partie and funerals.

I’ve been run down,

Chased away

Beaten down,

Captured and taken away.

Pointed in the right direction and strayed away.

For my shoes are not built like the shoes you wear today.

My shoes are not like your shoes…

For my shoes hold my pain,

My troubled past,


My today…