Its nothing to honor and greet you as a man.

Display the middle and index finger and extend my right hand to say;


You see this word I speak,

The lingual I use is…


The absence to all confusion,

The missing link to the chain of life,

Like that peace when you lie in silence

In an attempt to refine your mind.


I say unto you

To assure you I mean no harm.

To display the understanding of life, despite the storm.


I come to you with the knowledge and wisdom of this understanding

My culture and freedom,

With the power and refinement of equality like a god I build and destroy

words that born a cipher that repeats each time

I reach into the minds of those mentally sleep

For they have been dormant for too long

And now is the time for them to rise to the highest level of your nature

Teach the mysteries of god, self and devil to your young

So they too can live in…