Know this is no story, but true facts of a man

Trapped in the mind of the devil witness to his plan.

Price paid for human salves, chaos and destruction,

Greed and corruption, too are victims in this devilish land.

With eyes wide shut,

Darkness has covered him,

Evil has followed him,

The devil now fathers him, but still it’s not enough…

For more he had to have, so more he tried to grab

To take the devils throne and world in his hand.

He walks with a mask, to fool the many men that lie in his path.

But trouble was there as well as everywhere

Now he lies in a box, not in a hole, but upon rocks.

Far from his kin, in rooms of many men

Shackled together with numbers on their shirts

Cries of pain and hurt

Nothing but time and the world on their mind

Trying to escape the trouble that remains not too far behind.

NO! This is not a story, but true facts of a man

Who looks into the mirror and knows not that man.