There are many players in this game called life.

Pimps, hustlers, con-artist

And many others that remain nameless in the dark.

From pawns to soldiers

Prostitutes and doo-jours

Young gunz in blue that hate red but love to see blood spread.

Like Decepticons, they love death

Because they have no care for life.

So in this game they play

They don’t play fair, they play for keeps

No matter who they may hurt in these streets.

And in cozy beds, power players sleep;

Politicians, mayors, governors and police

Keep these city guys in our streets.

So they can say, “We are lending a helping hand and doing what we can…”

When its them that are putting guns and drugs in the hands of men.

Is this too hard to understand, this game we play, day in, day out?

Remember there are many players in this game.

You too could be a city guy living life on the edge

Or stay where you stand and live on the path of the straight and narrow until you die…