September 2, 1977.
That’s the day I physically came into existence
through the womb of this old Earth.
I knew from that ay pain was inevitable
because it rained the day of my birth.
That Pain later became my best friend,
a couple of years down the line when from within
this Broken Man came to life…

He had no name,
but his face and mine were
one in the same.

His complexion omitted a dim light no one has seen.
His rage, was my anger.
I knew then, he was The Other Me
That part of me not afraid to say what my tongue could not bear to hold.
Thoughts I have locked out in the cold,
The notion to react instead of act
Regardless of result.
At times he’s a savage,
A fucking animal I’m unable to control.
The Other Me, the worse enemy I know.
Without him there’s no me,
Myself and I will never know.
You see, The Other Me is a glitch in my personality
Which may make you think I need a psychiatrist or psycho therapy.
A mental tamer to tame that part of me
That has escaped the confines of my mind
Spilling parts of it anatomy across this page
To express itself for all to see,
Because hiding,
ducking and diving
is not The Other Me,
That’s who I am,
What I am,
Using him to hide behind…