EVIL: Here’s the proposition, I offer thee…
You can continue your Tsunami attacks,
As long as I can keep people on crack.
Young girls in less clothes,
Catholic priest fondling young boys
And hatred in your church…

GOOD: You can keep your followers drunken, taking souls
Bombing buildings in a religious right
Snatching life from the innocent in the absence of light
[sending soldiers in my name to fight wars]
Giving power to men who respect you like they respect whores…

EVIL: As long as,
I can continue offering the truth to those who will listen
with The same Big red Apple
Just isn’t enough
There are so many I’ve yet to touch

GOOD: So here’s the proposition
I will give them the easy way out
Cyanide induced suicide
Murder, domestic violence
Those that survive, their soul I will keep
And the ones death take a liken to
I shall giveth to thee
Babies and true believers
Innocent nine to fivers
Victims of drive bys,
Lives stolen by the hands of authority figures,
Falsely accused prisoners,
5% which were lost in the wilderness, of this HELL you take credit for creating
10% that continue hide from the truth
and 85% you’ve deceived and lied to.

EVIL: This is the proposition I offer thee…
Your faithful soldiers of a terrorist religion
I trade for the soul of your beloved Pope,
Who has hidden the truth despite wondrous deeds.
I will remain on the Earth, below the Earth
As long as you remain far for the naked eye to see
That you are a man (of color)
Not what they wish you to be…

April 8,2005

*The art is by: ML Walker.

This poem was writing 6 yrs back and is my own personal opinion, but would love all your feed back no matter good bad hate it or love it… THANKS!