I’ve been working through the

Trials and tribulations of

    Understanding this art and how

        Medicating my hurt through spoken word

             Brings out the Broken Man hidden from

                 Love and the

                        Reality of

Being alone in this dark corner of my mind.

Words tripping over one another,

    Clumsy fucks!



Banging on the doors of the State Psych Ward

      Let me in!

‘Cause these thoughts are running wild,

   Driving me insane.

I’ve gotta let this out…

             Scribbled on a page,

           Sprawled along a wall or

Digitally enhanced across my screen.

This poem can’t sit too long within

So I jot, post, revise, critique and criticize

            Every syllable, line and stanza

                 Not that I give a fuck

            Because I’m a FREE VERSE spirit

I throw words like a swordsman throw knives at a target

           So whether you like or reblog it

This poetic explosion is no longer my problem

Call your IT support and report this problem…

                  to TUMBLR.com

from da poets dot com

         This will never be over,

But for now I will let it sit your page and burn through your cornea …

*I wrote this piece for another blog website I am affiliated with. This is a spoken word piece and I’m working on the audio for this piece… I think its better. y ear then read.