Marcus fell asleep after the intense love-making he shared with the woman he hoped one day would bear his child. Carry his name and truly be the one he so desperately searched the world for within his 28 years.

As tiredness settled in with a smile upon his face, he began to think… ‘All this time I have tried and searched for love. Finally I have found it.’ But the journey here has been one he hoped to never travel again.


Funny thing about that four letter word that to this day still puzzles his brain. As a child he never knew love. Pain, sorrow and loneliness seemed to be the only signs of affection made known to him.

Cold and alone in a world new to me

A family that at times are strangers

In an era where outside is dangerous

staring out my bedroom window

questioning the point of life

and why,


have come to such a place,

with feelings that I now wish to escape.

And so be it my mother can love her daughters

as the only she bore,

and leave her son to die in this war….