My first entry

Sprawled across a fresh page of a new life

A new days wind blown into my lungs,

that I may live amongst love,

held in its bosoms

nursed the same as a new born;

gently touched,

but gawked at like a rose spawned from concrete

still bearing my thorns in fear of being plucked

from the reality I’ve found to be love.

I’ve grown comfortable here.


The sole survivor amongst the many seeds fallen between the cracks


Lost in the concept of love.

I have carried my pain for years

but found the way to break free of the chains

that held me captive from love.

Now I’m able to see what it means to be loved

And share every breath with another.


My first entry

One of many sprawled across a fresh page of a new life

I ready myself for happiness to pour in

like the sun through the cracks of a dark room

I call home…