Roses are red, blue, yellow and some are black.

Cherries are broken, dipped in chocolate to be considered an aphrodisiac.

Love is a four letter word that means unconditional care, a self less act.

and Valentines Day is for lovers to share and give it all back

So today this Rose a symbol of growth,

To a relationship that has blossomed and taken life.

For the seeds in the future I hope we plant

and this love between us that continues to grow.

This box of cherry dipped chocolates,

symbolizes the cherry I never got to break.

The promises I did.

The bond I lost.

The hidden fruit in your garden I got to taste.

This poem entitled LOVE…

A symbol of my desire to love you unconditionally,

Free of the selfish acts I’ve demonstrated before,

because without you I’m nothing,


A figment of the imagination once you’re gone.

The shell of a man who’d rather crack into a million pieces

the stand alone on the mantle…

                            I LOVE YOU. Happy Valentine’s Day!

written 1/26/2011