everyday our brothers die

everyday our mothers cry

our black women have given up their hopes and dreams

for they have found life in bloody streams…

everyday we lose our sons

to this devilish civilization

that has played tricks on the mind of our young

everyday there’s a war outside

and men lace up with drugs and guns just to fight these wars

giving their lives for this so-called paradise

of sky-scraping buildings and concrete streets

with dreams of a white picket fence, with grass and an apple tree

everyday the poor remains poor

eating out the trash

getting cash from the cans they’ve collected during the storm

while the rich sit upon their thrones

in their lavish homes

contemplating the next move that will propel them beyond the sky

at the cost of our brothers that die

everyday as our mothers cry-FOUL PLAY

but this is the way society has constructed life to be

impossible for me to get an education to educate the young that we too may be

rich beyond our dreams

or just enough to live comfortably

everyday our brothers die

everyday our mothers cry

and everyday I ask the question

when is the time for our nation to rise up together

and fight back against those who feel its better

for us to remain beneath their feet

paralyze within these streets, with no means to succeed

everyday our brothers die

everyday our mothers cry


written November 6, 2004