the soothing sound of your voice

like ocean tides whistling through a shell.

the warmth of your breath

kissing the lobes of my ear as you whisper within.

the tingling sensation of your touch

as you trace my frame from end to end.

the love you give to me

makes me feel bigger then the Sun, Moon and Stars around.

I Miss You!

the constant stares and gazing into my eyes

the quiet we share looking out into the sky

the moments we have when words mean nothing

and the slightest giggle, gesture, wink and touch says all of something 

I Miss You!

I miss your smile!

I miss your conversation!

The way you turn me on like a switch,

anger and frustrate me

but make it disappear like a wish…

I Miss You!

every word I scribe I scribe for you

every phrase I scream I scream for you

all this spilled ink I spilled for you

“If I Never Met You”

“Patience” would mean nothing

“My Heart” would stay broken

“Selfish” would be an understatement

and love would never have existed here

and my words wouldnt grace this page in ink but in blood

for your LOVE I would MISS!!! 

I Miss You…