*This is a part of my “the Art of Breaking Up” collection that I would hope to some day publish… All my work comes from real life issues, mostly not of my own but of things I’ve seen, heard and of course experienced first hand. I think many of us can relate. ENJOY…

you cause my feelings to implode!

your actions have shown loves stronghold,

though it seems we’re drifting apart.

still we hold on tight to that which we had.

unconcerned if it would last.

the bus has left the station,

your patience is running thin.

frustration raging within.

letting go is not in your vocabulary.

but this distance is more than you can handle.





there’s not much we can do but let this go.

words like nails against chalkboard – intolerable to hear,

but it’s all we have left between us besides arguments and hang ups!

a small life hidden in the garden of your love.

a dead-end to a love that has had a great run.

I do love you!!

I do miss you!!!

but all this I can do without!!

the back and forth


accusations of things that don’t exist.

Yea, my eyes wander like I’m crossed vision impaired

 but my hands remain attached to my side

your mind runs wilder then a child’s imagination

voicemail further frustrates you

empty text messages without I LOVE YOU infuriate you

letting go is the best we can do

tomorrow maybe different

but today

we have to agree to disagree and