to you i give life
        to you i give a part of myself
      along with the love of your mother
                  my gift to you is a
P-riceless love…

                           to you i give this world
                                        though it can be cold
                       and evil men dwell in every place you may go
                                    my gift to you is
O-vercoming the hell bestowed upon us…

                                                                     to you i give all i am
                                       knowledge wisdom and understanding
                              so you can decipher the mentallity of man
                                         my gift to you is
E-ternal peace…

                                                     to you i give my heart
                                     tender loving care
             a bond too strong for any one to tear apart
         my gift to you is
T-he heavens and stars that seem out of reach…

          to you i give my hand
     in hopes i may guide through
   the wilderness unto the righteousness that was meant for me and you
  my gift to you is

                                                                                             to you i give what ever you ask
                                                                                     life, love, peace
                                       the heavens with all its stars and victory
my gift to you is


with all i have

you will be the envy of man
they will understand your  beauty…