I wrote this poem many years for a woman that was diagnosed by doctors as being in a persistent vegetative state. Her state of being became a highly publicized and prolonged series of legal challenges presented by the parents and by state and federal legislative intervention effected in total a seven-year delay before life support finally was terminated.

Life and death have no partnership
and I have lived,
fought to survive the cold in mans heart
took part in that I was given but now must depart
The End of Days are upon me
so every breath I take I savor
mind in a jumble,
unable to fend off death and say I,
want to live
or maybe I,
am ready to die
leave this hell behind and claim my spot in the sky beyond the stars.
I have held on for 13 years
and for 13 days and a dozen nights
those who felt death was more potent then my life
I have proved you wrong
and let you know that only God
can say when it’s time for me to go on home… 

   dedicated to Terri Schiavo

April 1,2005