today when i awoke
as usual i brushed my teeth
and glared in the mirror at the reflection it held
at first sight i couldn’t tell the face before me
but as i sat in awe
and wondered where i knew this mans face from
it came to me like a dream
this was a man born to a church
that as years grew on
he felt had abandoned him
a mother who did not know him
sisters that could not understand him
and the streets loved him more then he had respect for
this man i stare at in confusion
was broken
and left out in the cold to freeze
but found a small light that led him to grams of coke
that brought him new clothes and shoes
a home far beyond his dreams
above in the mountains
where he found a friend that embraced him the way he wished his mother did
and from then poetry never left him
and has given him dreams of fame and riches
hopes of one day making it big
open mics, book deals
touching those lost the same as him
and hopefully he then can put his past behind his shadow
where he will no longer have to worry ‘bout those demons
and carnal sins reaching out to bring him back
into the reality he has tried for 27 years to escape…

                (ACT I, SCENE one)