she said she like her men bald headed and chocolate

so I shaved my head and turned out the lights


she said she’d like to one day touch the stars

so I arranged a private helicopter tour at night


she said she’d love to be rich

so everyday I showered her with love from head to toe

Hershey kisses

intoxicating love making on a bed of roses

aroma therapy candles lit

romantic sound waves

with a one way ticket to bliss

and beyond,

leaving passionate bite marks behind just to say we were here…


she said she just wanted to be loved and adored

so I told her

my name is Marcus J

your forever after

tomorrow is here today…



she said she needed more

so the next day i seen another creep into her door


she said she feels like she may need some space

so i dug a 6 foot hole and told her jump in, “take all the time u need…”


she said her happiness was lost

the love has gone

so she went to theBronxto be spread like butter and stuffed like a pig


she said we should just be friends

and those were the last words she ever said…