With all we share
Love and care
Apologies and forgiveness
In all fairness
Im just a man
No where near perfect at that
Words i used to tickle your ear
Words I’ve said to keep u near
Actions to show how much i needed,
Desired you
More then he could imagine
But distance again has come between
And life has sprouted
Just like we dreamed
But i reluctantly ran home like a coward
Afraid to fall victim to society
Further credit failure
Its not all about me…
But about us…
Not you and me…
But you and them!
Me and them!
The seeds we’ve planted previously…
It was selfish of me to work in your garden without protecting my hands
Knowing thrones will create a gash
Now words cut emotions like glass,
Like blades against skin,
Crazy the insanity begins…
You hate me
I blame you
We still deeply love but forgot where to begin the healing of love…