from that first moment our eyes connected
we could never be seperate
days full of smiles
joy radiate from within
love was us
we were love
birds chirped envyous of the tune we made cause our love was that strong…

Now we hardly talk.
you complain I never call,
or send sweet sentiments as I did before…

I feel you over react
argue for nothing
and never realized you had me eating out the palm of your hand so badly I lost track of who I am
the fact that I was ready to throw it all away just to lay next you,
hold you,
kiss you
and live in your world…

it was that bill collector that burst that love bubble we were in.
I had to get back to me
I’m sorry.
I really wish I could’ve taken you along on this ride
but I guess I always thought you would be there waiting
not pondering old flames but living in the memory of us….