Hello and thank you for visiting my ‘Da Poets Corner dotcom’… all poetry here is my property unless other wise stated.

To start my name is La-Mar – pseudo/pen-name: Marcus J. I love writing. I don’t follow all the structures and forms of writing poetry but then again, that’s why I love it all the same. Poetry is a way to express my thoughts and feelings.

As many of us, I learned about poetry as a child in school. Poetry became a serious past time of mine a few years ago when faced with a difficult and trying time in my life. From peer pressure, the need and desire to want more by all means, drugs, alcohol, abandonment issues, suicidal thoughts, the lack of love I felt I deserved, having children, relationships that were bad and when they were good they still went bad and just feeling lost within, poetry become my best friend, allowing me to express how I felt, how I seen the world and how I felt the world seen me. One of my first poems “Know this is not a story…” was an introduction piece for me, where I was able to describe some pain and hurt while letting the reader get to know the poet (me).

At this time I felt like ‘A Man Apart’, broken… My thoughts were scattered, my life was all over the place and my emotions were just crazy. So my first set/collection of poems I dubbed “Memoirs of a Broken Man”. As I continued to write my life worth, trials and tribulations- love, lust, sex and heartbreak found its way into my words. I took hold of that and found out things about myself I didn’t know before. I wrote about every happy and sad time, kind of like a story, calling my second collection “Memoirs of a Broken Mans LOVE.”

I always wrote in free verse form but as time went by I began to follow structure and combine different forms of poetry; Haikus, couplets, free verse, lyric, rime and many more. The way you can take words, arrange and rearrange and give them feeling all their own…

Spoken Word… That’s a great love of mine as well. I’ve been to a few poetry slams and shows and knew for sure this is what I wanted to do-I love the way you can control the feeling of the piece-though I have yet to perform, I truly want to add this into my life…

My goal is to be published. I want my poetry to tell a story, have a flow like a novel, so the reader isn’t just reading/reciting my poetry but reading a story. Titles I’m working on:

  • Memoirs of a Broken Man
  • Memoirs of a Broken Mans LOVE
  • *Prayers – A series of haikus
  • The Art of Breaking Up
  • Sexologue- A series of Sextery Poems
  • A Series of Collaborations – A collection of poets sharing thoughts

And so many more ideas I have for books and chapbooks.