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Threw out all love notes,

Odes to what they could have been

And wrote for herself.

But why, when the love

was so strong? Wrong maybe, but

know it’s only right… 


Should your heart be sleeved

Worn and strutted like peacocks

And never hidden


Ponder this of love,

he maybe wrong nor, I right…

love is standing there 

with open arms. Guard yourself

from harm but never turn from…

                                                 [the possibility of love.]


She could indeed fall for you

You need only catch her stumble


fetch I may, catch

will…but only if her heart

is pure as the ink

she spills…. 

Though what she allows her veins

To pour onto the pages

Is her soul mirrored

Innocence and truth

Differentiate for no

One is all perfect


Perfection no!

Different yes!

‘Cause his spilled words

like milk are his hurt.

But her melodic napkin has soaked it all

And returned him to love…


Sorry but this he swears to be true,

you need just let go

and let him carry you…


*did this with a great writer on tumblr and i liked the back and forth flow had to show it off and get your feedback….

© Copyright 2011 Da Poets Corner dotcom.    &      ©2011 KUDiYAH CA’LYSSe.

All rights reserved.


This is my first collabortive poetry. Its a responsive piece between a woman and man.

by Christina & Marcus J

Tired of crying
Tired of trying
Tired of my insides dying
Sick of your bullshit lying
Ask you questions and you denying
No more love I’m supplying!!

Know what its like,
Living this life?
33 years.
Living in fear.
No where to turn.
No bridge to burn.
Its always been me,
Against adversity.
Don’t know how to trust.

Causing you pain,
Brings me no gain.
Lost in my shit.
Dragging you in,
Never my plan.
I’m just a man.
Seeds buried and sprouted.
Love! Can’t live without it.
Now I’m here far from your touch.

This is hard for me too!
Just don’t know what to do.
No quick answers,
Will repatch us.
This distance apart?
Forever my heart
Lives with you.
Breathes in you.
You should already know
Even if I don’t show …


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