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Ok so I had a thought today (4/27) and figured I would write a few haikus about a man who has lost hope of LOVE, Life and everything else…

The plan is to write one piece a day, at least I’m gonna try to write 1 a day, for the next 30 days…

I hope you like the idea and effort of this idea. Heres his official introduction:

What does it matter?

A NAME! Love wouldn’t know it!

Nor will u recall…

Bullets have no name…

But every social event

they make appearance…

Whats there to hope for?

Love’s gone, tomorrows’ today

said yesterday’s dead…

This is my story.

Scribbled words of pain and love,

lifes’ adversity…

& ME!


Picking and choosing
No thought of losing
Spend my time here and there
No one knows where
Send off I’m sorry’s
On to the next, no worries
Tell her a lie
Call later and apologize
Never thinking of that one
I once told her she’d won
I play love like a game
This one doesn’t treat me the same
But I’m the fool
When things break, she is my tool
On her I can depend
Her love for me won’t end
I’m that confident she’s true
All I have to do is mention Jetblue
She may get mad
With my voice she’s no longer sad
Her love is unconditional
Though I’m not emotional
She holds on to her dream
Meanwhile, I’m doing my thing
Asked her, if I cheated would she still want me
To my surprise, she said yes…silly
As long as she allows
Why would I commit, say vows
It’s nice to be me
I can flirt with whomever I see
So much distance between us
Her love is what we discuss
Love can make one so dumb
A Broken heart should be numb.

*(this is the prequel – you know before the real piece is complete just want to get a feel for thought and if I am on the same page with my readers. I wrote this when I was 26 but altered it recently to match the times -2011- somewhat)

I’ve been at war for 25 years.

Seen children born.

Friends died.

My mothers tears,.

Her fears of where I may be the next night;

behind bars,

in a box, eyes closed facing the sky.

Pain filling her soul.

                               As rain drops fall and

                thunderous screams lighten the

                        Earth. I cause her hurt.

But the last 25 years in this war has conditioned me the same,

as those who roam around aimlessly

unwilling to change…


© Copyright 2011 Da Poets Corner dotcom. All rights reserved.


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