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*”She Said, He Said”  the book is coming soon… This piece was written to and about someone, also to continually show my range to the editor, and proof readers I have checking out my work…


Her name?
5 foot something.
Thick, luscious.
Eyes like gems.
Voice angelic.
Hair flowing like leaves blown in the wind.
A feeling of bliss when lips – interlock.
Intoxicating sips of love.

Cherishing every moment.

Her being

Revitalized my existence…

 Influential to my becoming…

Sexual exploits exploited when we’re together.

despite her Tough exterior,         

we’re Inseparable friends…

Nothing can come between

what we Amend…


Her name?
Songs have been written about her.
Many inspire to be her.
To capture a glimpse, is an honour in itself.
Trophy like.
A best friend.
Ideal wife type.

from beginning to enD,

engaged in A

tug of waR

of the – heart…a push and pulL


of fornicatioN

and – lovE

This is dedicated… 


To Beauty.


For I have finally risen like the phoenix, above heartbreak

Beyond the bullshit of fake hugs and kisses

Intentional darts thrown at my heart to see if I fall to pieces

Happiness, now an actual reality

Despite the occasional bickering back and forth

For her I fought –

back and forth–coming I came,

To stand by her side beneath the stars

Rise up JaMar

Until the sun parts ways with the moon

I remain still…




Jacqueline Zea born in Colombia and raised in the United States.  She received a B.A in English Textual Studies with a minor in African-American Studies from Syracuse University. She continues to express herself creatively in her poetry and is working on a second edition of “Inner Happenings.”

Check out her website Inner Happenings and look for my first interview with her coming this month….

Off to the races
hand versus mind
thoughts running a mile a minute
tightly gripped felt tip pen engraving each line
like a scalpel against skin during an autopsy
or a pitch fork piercing the earth in search of hidden treasures
poetic asylum from the norm of rap star aspirations
I wanna be a rock star
forget spell check
these thoughts will wait for no mans corrections
not here!
just running at top speed
not looking back to see who could be near bringing up the rear
just running
trying to catch my breath
trying to pace myself
fingers weakening from running laps around these blue lines
but these thoughts are not waiting
the feeling is urging
I need to spill this ink…


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