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no longer connect
communication’s broke down
we have lost our step…

falling astray from
that moment we found us, lost
in the arms of love

how do we regain
that, which we swore to never
let loose of again…

one day at a time
trust re-established for love
forsaken us both…

now drowning in tears
blanketed in kleenex. nights
 morbid, can’t escape

thoughts of not being
under star lit clouds, comfort’d
in the strength of love

broken. cracked. forgot…
lost in emotions of…what
is it we call this?

LOVE. Happiness. HOPE.
without you coping is worthless… 


with my heart first, i jumped in

like a card shark, all in

your words gave me comfort

though i didnt know what i was running from

afraid to be alone

i booked a flight and called this home

the road ahead became rough

I lost control of my goals and self for love

trying to gain ground and get back on my feet

stressed, depressed and feeling obsolete

losing sleep

i dont know what to do

this was never a game to me 

it was more a new leaf

a fresh start

a new me…

*I wrote this on the behalf of a friend who is going through something. he is lost in emotions of the relationship he found and doesn’t know how to handle it. the point of this piece (from what I gathered) is that she was very angry with him b’cause he didn’t or doesn’t want a child at this time and she does so she broke up with him. He was so upset and hurt . Yes I do ad-lib and throw a few extra pieces in there to make the piece more interesting but you get the point of whats going on and feel the anger, pain and… well you can make up the emotions. PLEASE SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS on the matter at hand and what you think of the emotion and feeling here…

weird how the day started

love was stolen from the chambers of my heart

I have my faults

I don’t play by the rules and  I ignore the laws

but you I truly loved

in love?

not particularly the words I’d use

but with this situation, in hell I’ve made my bed

far apart,

                      hundreds of miles away

losing my mind over the words you’ve said


not knowing where to turn 

swallowed Clorox will  burn…

like the words spilling over this page

fueling my rage

this razor against my vein

maybe  insane

but if you wanna walk?

then walk!

I’m sorry though

you can never get rid of me

we’ll forever be bonded by the hip

at the least, for the next 18 years

I’ll forever be around…

So pack my shit in a box and ship it

I don’t care

life’s at its end

 and fighting with you is all I know  now a days


words thrown round like daggers in search of its mark

indirect sarcastic remarks

shot from a distance, like a sniper hidden in the dark

this was your call

you decided this should end

with no valid reason, except that I didn’t answer your call

didn’t run as fast as I’ve done before

not to mention, 

I’ve detached myself from the hidden bundle of joy you’ve spoken of

you can take this as you may

I will take it as it is

I can’t just up and walk away

even if it’s the way I feel

I’m still a man!

no matter how evil or fuck’d up you may consider me

I am!

I’m not like every other

I am a different breed

who has made mistakes but never ran from them

I will stand by me

stand by you

stand for us even though you’re through

but with all this bickering


back and forth commotion

I [just] can’t do this  no more…

[drops mic and walks off…]


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