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if I had it my way, I would pour a full cup over and over…

lose myself in every sip

within every be-an it’s made of

enjoy it

talk with it

hold it as if it were the last cup every made

devour it

explode in it, from it, because it

gives me a shot of adrenaline to get through the hours of boredom without it

but not in a rush

slow sips and if it drips on to my tongue

seductive licks

because this,

 is the best coffee I know

early in the morning the smell makes me smile glad to be alive

afternoon sips in the office

refresh every part of me

an end of the day cup gives me the joy to know that this coffee is all for me

and tomorrow will soon come so I can enjoy it again…

         Colombian Coffee,

                                                  Good to the last drop…


I like it dark,
Strong but sweet the same…
Milk is fine,
but depending on the day it makes my stomach bubble
and I always try to stay away from things that make me shit…
Literally. I can’t take too much shit in one cup (had enough of that).
I like my coffee hot.
Why of course!
Who wants it cold?
and full of shit???

That’s how I like my coffee…


*IDK just came to mind and wanted to write in another perspective, as another person… Hope you like and read/take it as it fits and works for you…

the Cup Factory has coffee/tea mugs, buttons and magnets with fresh, hip and up-to-date funny slogans about hard days on the job.

New website/ e-commerce site through Cafe Press with a great idea I started along with a co-worker. Right now this is the only cup which is not really for sale but wanted to create the first sample and get some feed back…


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