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I opened my eyes to meet the sun’s glare…

Journeyed the day through.
Half the way through.

To finally be kissed – touched,

Embraced by you.
Your LOVE, too.

Falling like raindrops covering my slender frame not,

Just moistening my thirst for love,
but – quenching all I want from love…

what love could be!

Who would have guessed this day would be as such?
That love and I would be as one…

That an afternoons rain would relinquish the pain of loneliness,

As every raindrop exposes her secret garden of love.

Who would have guessed this day would be as such?
Showers of love sprinkling down to touch –
the hollow souls of men in search of love… 

What more can one ask (for)?

Maybe worldly riches, like 3 Kings.
A palace. A Queen.

Peace and serenity…
But for me?

The pouring rain on my head-brainstorming

tears fallen from her eyes as I sip honey-dew

and fill the voids within her yearning passion,

ready to erupt and rain down on my love…





views misconstrued. miscarriage
of belief, religion…

I’ve written to you

My hopes and dreams

Poured my heart out like spilled ink on a page

Turned to you when within was filled with rage

at times I made no sense

but you’ve seemed to clarify every word

every line






tanka and freed verse pursed through these lips

When I decided to quit

You remained snuggled in the depths of my mind

Echoing throughout every thought

every word and moment

every issue, situation

you stood patient waiting for me to return

Tears skating along side my face

loose grip

blank page

words runneth over like a tidal wave of emotions I can’t control

I’ve written to you

My hopes and dreams

Poured my heart out like spilled ink on a page

just so you would know you are loved…


LOVE is ageless time

Spent forever and a day

With the one you LOVE…



LOVE is innocent,

Childish, not for fake but real

LOVE knows no limits…


LOVE is a higher

Level of being given

To us from above…


LOVE is an art drawn

Between two, lines and curves, inked 

And true to its form…





LOVE is a selfless

Action of two beings laid

Side by side. Passion…


LOVE is poetic

Words spoken to another

Warms the heart because…



LOVE is the emotion we share

the feeling we hold dear

the drive in our hearts that keep us wanting each other despite

obstacles in the way



actions ours take to separate us


4 simple letters

1 powerful word

with a  meaning of passion,



intoxicating fornication


that’s how I express these feelings in one word…








Take my hand and

follow me.

Walk in my footprints

go  with me.


Lets be sun chasers,

rise and set along side it

staring out beyond the horizon

free like a bird with a cool breeze beneath us

Cloud diving…


Kissing the heavens,

Hugging the sky,

Whisking by the stars, like if we were playing chicken…


Take my hand

go with me.

Walk in my footprints and

follow me.


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