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views misconstrued. miscarriage
of belief, religion…


The strain of this life
Heavy pulls on the heart that
No longer handles…

I rather give in
Let go this carnal sin

Nothing can repair
The tears embedded within
Hope has been lost here…

NO, my style of dress
Isn’t to impress you, it’s
My style! Me! Not you!

*It’s crazy that a man in a hooded shirt could be killed because of his clothing or what his clothing makes him look like.


I am feeling GREAT today…
exceptionally GREAT! Though today I came to realize that no matter what is going on around me I have to worry ’bout “My Star Player”, myself! LOL I got that from Kat Williams [LOL] com’n that was funny. But on a serious note what it is, is that I had to admit I am not a hero and I can’t do it all… I wanna save the world but I can’t! I have children and if I don’t get me in order I can’t and will never be able to do anything great for them… Its been a ‘Hard Knock Life’, failed relationship, children, moved and disappointed a few people, but I know He got my back and for that… I Praise GOD! I am gonna humble myself again! Focus! and get the remainder of this so-called life on track so it would be evident to the world who MY STAR PLAYER is… ME!

So today I let it all go…
The fighting!
The worrying!
The stress!
The not living right!
The everything….

I need to turn this leaf over and get this ball rolling. I am 34 and still got big dreams. I wanna be published when I’m 35. Start a lucrative business. And be there for every one of my children and my family…

Well, easier said then done right? Yea, you right! So I am gonna get to it…
Just wanted to share my thoughts.

***Hey btw check out “Hope is LOST” this MAY right here on my blog, ‘Da Poets Corner dotcom’. There will be a poem every day about a man who has lost hope in love, life, relationships and more… Follow his story and let me know what you think…


the feeling of bliss

like raindrops covering me

love engulfing me…

This feeling I have longed,

like the new kid on the block looking to belong…


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