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no longer connect
communication’s broke down
we have lost our step…

falling astray from
that moment we found us, lost
in the arms of love

how do we regain
that, which we swore to never
let loose of again…

one day at a time
trust re-established for love
forsaken us both…

now drowning in tears
blanketed in kleenex. nights
 morbid, can’t escape

thoughts of not being
under star lit clouds, comfort’d
in the strength of love

broken. cracked. forgot…
lost in emotions of…what
is it we call this?

LOVE. Happiness. HOPE.
without you coping is worthless… 



a figment of my imagination
i thought love was for us
but it seems to be a dream as if we weren’t to be
hoping love will love us back

The strain of this life
Heavy pulls on the heart that
No longer handles…

I rather give in
Let go this carnal sin

Nothing can repair
The tears embedded within
Hope has been lost here…

NO, my style of dress
Isn’t to impress you, it’s
My style! Me! Not you!

*It’s crazy that a man in a hooded shirt could be killed because of his clothing or what his clothing makes him look like.

bickering. day. night.
maddening. this shit’s insane!
name is? GONE FOREVER!!!

The fabric of our love is torn.
The seamstress has gone.

We’ve climaxed!
What more can we ask?

Love has retired.
Hope is LOST, the love is gone.
Lets just say good-bye!


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