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Take my hand and

follow me.

Walk in my footprints

go  with me.


Lets be sun chasers,

rise and set along side it

staring out beyond the horizon

free like a bird with a cool breeze beneath us

Cloud diving…


Kissing the heavens,

Hugging the sky,

Whisking by the stars, like if we were playing chicken…


Take my hand

go with me.

Walk in my footprints and

follow me.



My dear,

Memories we have created.

Mistakes we have made and hated but found solace in.

 My return is inevitable, but not impossible.

Loving you is not a dream but a reality I wish to share with the world around me.

Thoughts of you dance ’round (in) my head,

like loose change in my pocket as I run through every past encounter we’ve shared.

The first moment our eyes met.

Our first warm embrace;

Lips connecting as emotions ran wild and tears fell on bending knees to kiss the ground in our first departure…

The excitement of touching your face.

The thought of placing soft, sensual kisses on your lips again keep me going each day.

That moment when night

covers us with a blanket

of stars, kissed cool breeze

and  passion soars, like eagle wings spread as if it could hug the sky!

I long for that moment…

Soon it shall be as I write it, but for now all I can do is imagine…


Yours truly…

its seems I just cant get it right

fell in love with what I thought would be my future wife

laid down beneath love and made new life

put aside all stress and prayed to the sky,

clouds and heavens above


just that,

maybe this will be as perfect as it seems…

my mother always preached that the devil was a liar,

not to say he isn’t  but,

I didnt see this coming…

I tried to justify


and clarify things as fast as I can so we could be,



a family…

instead I sit here staring at your words

feelings spewed like blood splatter on a crime scene


reaching out to hurt more than just a feeling

but the pain you have been through because of me…


just doesn’t cut it anymore…


not worth shouting because you’ve heard it so many times before…

its seems I just can’t get it right

fell in love with who I wish to be my wife

laid down beneath love and made new life

put aside all stress and prayed to the sky,

clouds and heavens above…

she said she like her men bald headed and chocolate

so I shaved my head and turned out the lights


she said she’d like to one day touch the stars

so I arranged a private helicopter tour at night


she said she’d love to be rich

so everyday I showered her with love from head to toe

Hershey kisses

intoxicating love making on a bed of roses

aroma therapy candles lit

romantic sound waves

with a one way ticket to bliss

and beyond,

leaving passionate bite marks behind just to say we were here…


she said she just wanted to be loved and adored

so I told her

my name is Marcus J

your forever after

tomorrow is here today…



she said she needed more

so the next day i seen another creep into her door


she said she feels like she may need some space

so i dug a 6 foot hole and told her jump in, “take all the time u need…”


she said her happiness was lost

the love has gone

so she went to theBronxto be spread like butter and stuffed like a pig


she said we should just be friends

and those were the last words she ever said…



like home plate, my heart

was stolen from me. Quick she

ran to the dug-out


flashing a big grin

Victory! she thinks she’s won.

but its only the


top of the ninth and

 I still have one on deck. Next!

Jaw drops, disrespect…. 

Poem notes:

*quick poetic story of a woman trying to play a man who loved her and thought she had the last laugh, but all along he had another on the side… I thought it was great! Funny too!

Com’n man this deserves a hand clap…   


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