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I opened my eyes to meet the sun’s glare…

Journeyed the day through.
Half the way through.

To finally be kissed – touched,

Embraced by you.
Your LOVE, too.

Falling like raindrops covering my slender frame not,

Just moistening my thirst for love,
but – quenching all I want from love…

what love could be!

Who would have guessed this day would be as such?
That love and I would be as one…

That an afternoons rain would relinquish the pain of loneliness,

As every raindrop exposes her secret garden of love.

Who would have guessed this day would be as such?
Showers of love sprinkling down to touch –
the hollow souls of men in search of love… 

What more can one ask (for)?

Maybe worldly riches, like 3 Kings.
A palace. A Queen.

Peace and serenity…
But for me?

The pouring rain on my head-brainstorming

tears fallen from her eyes as I sip honey-dew

and fill the voids within her yearning passion,

ready to erupt and rain down on my love…





views misconstrued. miscarriage
of belief, religion…


a figment of my imagination
i thought love was for us
but it seems to be a dream as if we weren’t to be
hoping love will love us back

NO, my style of dress
Isn’t to impress you, it’s
My style! Me! Not you!

*It’s crazy that a man in a hooded shirt could be killed because of his clothing or what his clothing makes him look like.

Never had someone
To hold, love and kiss like this
Blessed now that I have you…


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