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views misconstrued. miscarriage
of belief, religion…



LOVE is ageless time

Spent forever and a day

With the one you LOVE…



LOVE is innocent,

Childish, not for fake but real

LOVE knows no limits…


LOVE is a higher

Level of being given

To us from above…


LOVE is an art drawn

Between two, lines and curves, inked 

And true to its form…





LOVE is a selfless

Action of two beings laid

Side by side. Passion…


LOVE is poetic

Words spoken to another

Warms the heart because…



LOVE is the emotion we share

the feeling we hold dear

the drive in our hearts that keep us wanting each other despite

obstacles in the way



actions ours take to separate us


4 simple letters

1 powerful word

with a  meaning of passion,



intoxicating fornication


that’s how I express these feelings in one word…



why shall we live on?

through the horror and pain

unprecedented warfare

out of control airplanes

crashing buildings

religion raping our children

Uncle Sam reaching deeper into our pockets

gas prices sky high,

cars should be built like rockets

bullets still run astray

finding their way into innocent frames

babies murdered and abandoned

mothers who have lost their way

why shall we live on?

today seems no better then yesterday

society identifies us in an unnecessary expense…


EVIL: Here’s the proposition, I offer thee…
You can continue your Tsunami attacks,
As long as I can keep people on crack.
Young girls in less clothes,
Catholic priest fondling young boys
And hatred in your church…

GOOD: You can keep your followers drunken, taking souls
Bombing buildings in a religious right
Snatching life from the innocent in the absence of light
[sending soldiers in my name to fight wars]
Giving power to men who respect you like they respect whores…

EVIL: As long as,
I can continue offering the truth to those who will listen
with The same Big red Apple
Just isn’t enough
There are so many I’ve yet to touch

GOOD: So here’s the proposition
I will give them the easy way out
Cyanide induced suicide
Murder, domestic violence
Those that survive, their soul I will keep
And the ones death take a liken to
I shall giveth to thee
Babies and true believers
Innocent nine to fivers
Victims of drive bys,
Lives stolen by the hands of authority figures,
Falsely accused prisoners,
5% which were lost in the wilderness, of this HELL you take credit for creating
10% that continue hide from the truth
and 85% you’ve deceived and lied to.

EVIL: This is the proposition I offer thee…
Your faithful soldiers of a terrorist religion
I trade for the soul of your beloved Pope,
Who has hidden the truth despite wondrous deeds.
I will remain on the Earth, below the Earth
As long as you remain far for the naked eye to see
That you are a man (of color)
Not what they wish you to be…

April 8,2005

*The art is by: ML Walker.

This poem was writing 6 yrs back and is my own personal opinion, but would love all your feed back no matter good bad hate it or love it… THANKS!


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