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I opened my eyes to meet the sun’s glare…

Journeyed the day through.
Half the way through.

To finally be kissed – touched,

Embraced by you.
Your LOVE, too.

Falling like raindrops covering my slender frame not,

Just moistening my thirst for love,
but – quenching all I want from love…

what love could be!

Who would have guessed this day would be as such?
That love and I would be as one…

That an afternoons rain would relinquish the pain of loneliness,

As every raindrop exposes her secret garden of love.

Who would have guessed this day would be as such?
Showers of love sprinkling down to touch –
the hollow souls of men in search of love… 

What more can one ask (for)?

Maybe worldly riches, like 3 Kings.
A palace. A Queen.

Peace and serenity…
But for me?

The pouring rain on my head-brainstorming

tears fallen from her eyes as I sip honey-dew

and fill the voids within her yearning passion,

ready to erupt and rain down on my love…



My dear,

Memories we have created.

Mistakes we have made and hated but found solace in.

 My return is inevitable, but not impossible.

Loving you is not a dream but a reality I wish to share with the world around me.

Thoughts of you dance ’round (in) my head,

like loose change in my pocket as I run through every past encounter we’ve shared.

The first moment our eyes met.

Our first warm embrace;

Lips connecting as emotions ran wild and tears fell on bending knees to kiss the ground in our first departure…

The excitement of touching your face.

The thought of placing soft, sensual kisses on your lips again keep me going each day.

That moment when night

covers us with a blanket

of stars, kissed cool breeze

and  passion soars, like eagle wings spread as if it could hug the sky!

I long for that moment…

Soon it shall be as I write it, but for now all I can do is imagine…


Yours truly…

my imagination runs wild when it comes to her.

thinking of what we could have.

what we could become.


intoxicating passionate fumes filling the room.


truly being in love.


lost in bliss.

 my imagination runs wild when it comes to her.

like in a fat kid in a bakery,

her sweet nectar dripping on my tongue.

slurping every bit of her love from the creek between her secret garden,

climbing her twin peaks just to glare into her eyes,

as I fill my belly of her sweet juices…

sparks fly as our lips touch.

like allies we unite as one and move the same as the ocean.

 rip tides sometimes causing us to ride rough currents,

but the explosion at the end is…

my imagination runs wild when it comes to her.


hide and seek.

fun-filled adventures like kids hidden under the covers,

tickling each other in places that would make a christian blush.

my imagination runs wild when it comes to her.

and without her?!

it crumbles to dust.

heart-beat comes to a crawl.

and its like I’m drifting away to a place love doesn’t know

and loneliness awaits me at the gate with a grin and a cup of sorrow for my troubled imagination thinking that this could’ve been real…..

again we find ourselves engulfed in lust

one of several sins of love

tempted to touch

your body in a manner made for lovers

we fornicate with our eyes

FUCK safely in our minds



inter – course

of course together intertwined

like vines on the fence



stolen life from my lungs

your beauty has set me a daze

has caused men to crave

the feel of your presence

the taste of your aroma

like slaves they toil night and day

for your eyes to rest upon them  so they feel like men


again you have my mind racing

blood chasing

the rapid beats of my heart

but still you say

Good-bye and depart…

                                written sometime between 2003-2005

Lets Make Love



Lets enjoy each other

get lost in the aurora of


As candles burn a sweet strawberry scent

The night covers our dripping bodies

Temperature rising

Anticipation climaxes

Love making beyond aggressive sex

Fore-playing the fantasy driven dreams

that plaque our minds when we think of making love

Consensual adults

Jolts of energy

Surging through our bodies

OOooo! Aaahh!

Riding that wave of sexual bliss…

written 4/6/2005


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